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The Top 10 Places To Shop Online For The Professional Lady In Kenya

Working in Nairobi sometimes is a real hustle to many corporate ladies .Getting time just to add a new pair of shoe to your collection can be a real hustle sometimes. But hey we understand the sacrifice you are making and that is why we always want you to be ahead and be informed of the top 10 places that you can buy lady shoes online in Kenya.

Remember all these places have affordable prices and some are considerably cheap. So let us jump right in;

  1. Kilimall Online Shop

Well, most of you have seen this online shop being advertised all over the internet recently. It’s upcoming and it has a wide range of products in which you can choose from. Apart from having just great shoes from which you cannot miss to get a pair, they have a range of other accessories. It’s an online mall after all.

  1. Jumia Online Store

This must be the most known amongst all online shops in Kenya. It has been in the Kenyan market for over a year now and that speaks volumes of its credibility. It’s one website that has a wide range of products. If you need trendy and on fashion shoes then visit this store today.

  1. Style Connection Shop

If you want on fashion trendy lady products then you are in luck this shop will deliver just that. This online shop stocks products such as dresses, kid clothes and wait for it….shoes. Lady shoes. Corporate lady. You should visit this store today and have a window shopping experience right from the comfort of your phone.

  1. Fab Guru

Have you heard about them? I guess not yet. They have been on the market for quite a long time and that always brings with it credibility. Being in the market for long indicates that they know their craft well enough and if you visit their premises you will be mesmerized with the service. They are located at Rehema Place, which is opposite Nakumatt Prestige on Ngong Road.

  1. Pigiame Classifieds Store

Well, this one has been available for a while. However, it’s kind of a new kid on the block.Pigiame works almost the same way as OLX it’s just that its way much better and the user interface of the store alone is almost excellent. If you like buying second hand stuff you will like the collections that they have.

  1. Shoeholic Planet Online Store

With just a year into the mainstream market of selling top quality shoes for Kenyan women, Shoeholic Planet is showing great strides. Much as this may seem biased (since we are the ones writing the post) Shoeholicplanet offers some of the best shoes in Kenya. If you love quality and elegancy then visit our shop today and get ordering.


  1. Closet 49

During the time this article was going online the exact online store link for Closet 49 was not available. But they are big on Facebook and they have some of the best lady stuff. If you are searching for Kenyan dresses online, evening, party dresses in Kenya you will be sure to find the best at Closet 49.Their prices are also very pocket friendly so pay them a visit today.

  1. Backyard Shoez

Most Kenyan ladies like searching for affordable wedge shoes in Kenya, and am sure they always end up at Backyard Shop. Their shoes are of different styles, shapes and designs. If you want to add a new pair of shoe to your collection then don’t miss out, visit them and get some of the best offers.

  1. In style Shoe

They are located in Westlands and they might surprise you with how many different and interesting designs that they have. If you are shopping for wedges, flat shoes and any official shoe that matches your style then check them out. If it pleases you remember to comment and tell us about your experience there.

  1. Sarai Afrique Fashion House

I know you are a fashion lady that is why you are here so get this from me…Sarai Afrique have some of the best quality garments for any professional lady. If you are a corporate lady and you are always in closed door meetings and have no time to do your shopping click onto their website and get ordering.



So there you have it Kenyan Ladies, the top 10 places to shop online for the professional lady. These places vary in prices but pay them a visit and you will be in luck to get quality shoes. Most of these online shops also run offers from time to time. If you frequent them and if you leave an email with them, you will be sure to be notified when they have new shoes and new shoe offers.

Did we leave out any online shop out? If we did remember to leave us a comment below and talk to us about it.


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4 thoughts on “The Top 10 Places To Shop Online For The Professional Lady In Kenya

  1. All shops have unique stuff

    1. Hi Mercy

      Thanks for reaching out and commenting. We believe that each online shop featured there has just the right amount of unique stuff that may distinguish it from the rest. Ensure to stick around for more educative material from the team.

  2. I have shoped at Sarai Afrique and I really enjoyed the experience. I hope to try out the other stores too.
    Great article.

    1. Hello Veronica, we are glad that you reached out to us.You are always welcome to shop at shoeholicplanet.

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