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The Ultimate Review On Our Best Seller Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots are indeed in season and they are selling out like hot cake. We would like to report that we are having a good number of orders coming in of this kind of lady shoe, among those that we provide. The question is? What is with this much loved shoes? There are immense benefits to this type of shoe and that is why they are actually in high demand.
Let’s quickly go through the pros and cons of the two (2) thigh boot varieties that we have available as quickly as possible.
1. Thigh High Boots With Elastic Tops
The thigh high boot comes with elastic tops which stays up easily. This helps in ensuring that there is less tapering at the top. And this most definitely eliminates the need for a garter belt or in some cases straps to hold them at the top.
The con of this elastic top thigh high boot is that, these elastic tops can actually cut off circulation. Some people say that they may pinch your skin but really that will depend on how you actually get to wear them.

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Thigh High With Elastic Tops ProsThigh High With Elastic Tops Cons
1. They stay up easily due to the elasticity1. Elasticity might cut off circulation(Depending on user)
2. They have less tapering at the top2. Might pinch your skin(Just be careful and all classy girls are usually careful)
3. No need of straps or garter belts


2. Thigh High Boots Without Elastic Tops
This by far are the most comfortable to wear around. Good thing we have a number of this kind in stock at our Shoeholic shop. Remember this are also of the high end variety. Being of high end variety means that they have been actually made very well and by extension have a longer life span.
For this reasons they are considered sexier and more luxurious at the same time since they are generally classy in nature.


Thigh High Without Elastic ProsThigh High Without Elastic Tops Cons
1. More luxurious1. Might need a garter belt(Depending on user)
2. Better Comfort
3. Are classy in nature


In conclusion
The thigh high boots with elastic tops and those without elastic top one may say that they are equally matched. It’s a tie here. The choice will most definitely trickle to the preferences of the user. Good for all interested shoe addicts is that we have both of these classy shoes in stock, so call us any day of the week or make an order online through our shop and we will be there to have it delivered as soon as possible.

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  1. I would have no hesitation in recommending this site to family and friends. Fast and prompt service. Goods as described, very high quality and very sleek….. Not forgetting the warm customer care services they provide.

    1. Thanks Lilian Nduku we are pleased that you recommended us to your friends and family.

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