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Did You Know About The Dark History Of Valentine Day…Read On

The earliest existence of the Valentine’s Day originates from the ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia, which was originally celebrated from February 13 to February 15th. This festival was said to be promoting fertility in women but the way they went about it, could make any priest cry.

During the fertility ritual a goat and a dog were slaughtered to act as a purification offering. After the sacrifices were done with, the men went on and dipped their clothing into this now sacred blood. After that, they got naked and took to the streets, while in the streets they would slap the village women with their clothes which had blood. Funny thing, is that the women welcomed this fact because they thought it would actually make them fertile.

The story goes on until the one day a priest called St. Valentine decided to defy an order by the then Roman Emperor, who had outlawed all marriages. St. Valentine used to perform marriages against the Emperor’s decree. Later, he was sent to prison, where he befriended a certain prison warden’s daughter. St. Valentine is said to be the first person to send the first Valentine’s Day card. The card was signed ‘’From Your Valentine’’. And that marked the start of the modern day Valentine’s.

In later years after Christianity spread out in modern Roman, the entire ritual was abolished and a better and less sacrificial version of it was acquired. This better version was popularized by the Shakespeare Love story featuring Romeo and Juliet, in the following years.

In present day, Valentine’s Day has grown into now a billion dollar industry. But on the flipside, Valentine’s Day has no romantic history despite common knowledge.

But hey … ours is to keep you shoe lover educated and also to tell you of the shoe brands that you can grab as you go into valentine’s day. Ours is to always bring you the best as far as shoes is concerned and to let you know that we always have a shoe for any occasion. Be it a wedding, be it a certain ceremony that takes you out of the city and be it Valentine’s Day .We always have you covered.

Behold Valentine’s Day specials;

1.  Suede Lace Up Heels

Did I hear you say that black shoes can’t cut it for Valentine’s Day? They actually do, especially if you match them up with a good dress.The result will be a smashing look that will leave many wowed. These shoes are actually trending well, I bet you will love our lace up heels. This shoe will be sure to give you a comfortable feel.


(Suede Lace up)

dark history of valentine day

(Black Suede Lace up)

2. Christian Louboutin

I am a big fan of this shoe. Christian Louboutin are designed in a way that makes them just standout when any lady is wearing them. All Christian Louboutin shoes have a red bottom lining which actually does the whole work for you .The red bottoms that are in the Christian Louboutin shoe just do all the work for you. And you what that work is? Standing out. Making a statement. Shoeholicplanet is all about that and that’s why we bring you this.

(Christian Louboutin)

(Christian Louboutin)

3. Red Pumps (Desert Noble)

This type of red pump desert noble shoe is known to be extremely durable especially when in the hands of a good lady. They are also known to allow ease of movement. With them on you will be sure to be able to move around any time of Valentine’s Day with ease. The selling point of this shoe is actually the fact that it is very affordable. Remember if you grab this shoe, you will be sure to make a statement during February – Tuesday the 14th.

4. Red Chunky Heels

These red chunky heel shoes will actually make you focus on your date and not on your looks, because your looks will be already taken care of .With this shoe on your feet you will step out into any dinner party, date night or even lunch with a mutual friend. The available shoe sizes for this shoe in stock are from 37, 39, 40 and size 42.


(red chunky heels)

Remember hurry while stocks last. We want you to stand, well enough and be glamorous.

We will also take this opportunity to wish all lovers a very pleasant VALENTINE’S DAY. May it be as you want it to be.

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