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The Definitive Review On The Chunky Heel Shoe

Recently, during a shoe hunt with a lady friend purchasing this heeled paraphernalia I was excited to notice the kind known as chunky heel shoes. Wide at the top directly under the foot, fairly decreasing where the heel comes into contact with the ground hence a block heel. With clear and precise specifications, the cone, spool, wedge and the cowboy heel are some other various types of the chunky heel. Do these chunky heeled shoes come in different shapes and sizes? Yes indeed. These are, for instance, the block, cone, wedge and prims.chunky heel shoes

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My lady friend was excited about the different unique heel heights available in Nairobi and this is when it hit us that chunky heels also come in various heights. From .5 inches (1.27 cm) to four inches (10.16 cm) and even five (12.7 cm) without a platform.

During this shoe hunt it was therefore conclusive to prefer chunky heel shoes due to the following reasons:chunky heel

1. You prefer shoe comfort? The chunky heel is easier to walk on!

2. The heel distributes the body’s weight fairly and more even as it covers more area under the foot.

3. We also realized it to be the best option for persons using high heels for the first time.

4.These kinds of heel shoes come in handy for conservative and casual job interviews as they come in low to medium heels, thus preferably for office ladies.

5.The feet maintain flat at the heel of the shoes thus more stability during standing and walking.

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These “kicks”, as they may be commonly referred to, have their cons and is much advisable to be aware of. Remember, prevention is better than cure. The following reasons are its setbacks:chunky heel

1.The chunky high heels minimize wobbling but beware to consider the length of time you wear them hence avoiding those future primary feet health.

2.If the heel is too high, it can still cause foot injuries of the stress at the balls of the feet.

Final verdict:

As much as the chunky heel has cons, the pros for this shoe out do the cons hence recommending this shoe. Therefore, shoe addicts come on and grab your pair of these chunky heels while stocks last.


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