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Absolutely Cheap and Affordable Shoes Available in Nairobi Today – Shoeholicplanet Most Affordable

Getting and finding just the right cheap and affordable shoe in Nairobi is usually a daunting task especially when you are working with a tight budget. Everyone works with budgets and when it comes to shoe lovers they are usually up in arms and ready to buy any top shoe that will make them standout. Actually, in the past we have covered a list on the top 5 shoes that will definitely make Kenyan women standout in any event. If you have a look at that list you will be sure to find some high quality shoes that will make you stand out while attending any event.

But this post is dedicated at helping you Nairobi lady to find that affordable shoe that you can wear to any event and standout. We are not only talking about events … we have a wide variety of office shoes and at the top of that list we have shoes from top shoe designers such as Christian Louboutin and Vince Camuto. Vince Camuto Chunky heel has been a top seller this month for us actually, thanks to all our customers.

So let’s jump right into the cheap and affordable shoe collection that we have lined up for you;


  1. Ombre red and black pumps
ombre red and black shoes
(ombre red and black shoes)

                                                                Price; Ksh. 2,900

We always seem to have shoes for any occasion for you. This red and black Ombre pumps are one of the most comfortable shoes around. If you are one who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time thinking of which shoe to wear during an impromptu event then you will love this shoe. Good thing is its not expensive and even with a tight budget you can grab one and off you will be rocking as you attend that meeting.

  1. Nude pink (new look) Chunky sandals

    nude chunky sandals
    (Nude Chunky Heel)

                                                                      Price; Ksh. 2,800

This shoe is first in its class. Actually chunky heels have been a top seller for us this month. These Chunky Sandals have a block heel which is 4 inches high, good thing is that it’s very comfortable. If you have this shoe among your own collection then you will have a shoe pair that will compliment nearly any attire and look. It’s an awesome shoe, it’s very affordable and good thing is it can be delivered to you right away if you are in Nairobi.

  1. Bebe Fringe Booties

    bebe fringe booties
    (bebe fringe booties)

                                                                      Price; Ksh. 2,800

This shoe was designed specifically for the fringe shoe lover. Its look is indeed tasteful. Very few boots promise such stunning look and appeal. This boot contains tassels on the front side of it. At the top it has a nice zipper which is neatly fitted at the top of the tassels and also at the bottom of the tassels. The one in stock is black in color and will be a perfect shoe for the black shoe lover.



  1. Cut Out Chunky Booties
Cut Out Chunks-Shoeholic-Planet-Kenya - - www.shoeholicplanet.co.ke
(Cut Out Chunks)

                                                                 Price; Ksh. 2,700

This cutout chunky bootie is yet another Vince Camuto Shoe that is in our collection. It is adorned with features such as; a block heel, it has a peep toe and it’s also 3 inches tall, which is a comfortable heel size for any lady. If chunky heels are your thing then you are in luck because this is affordable enough for you.

  1. Call it spring – Gladiator sandals
gladiator sandal springs shoeholicplanet
(Gladiator Sandals)

                                                                     Price; Ksh. 2,400

You want to chill out with your crew on a Friday Night in town? Right. Then we’ve got you covered on the top shoe that will fit just that moment. This gladiator suede sandals come fitted with adjustable laces which you can adjust well enough to your right fittings they say fashion is all about being creative enough. So come buy this suede sandal and play with your creativity.


What you will realize is that all these shoes are below the Ksh. 3000 .We all know that quality shoes go way above Ksh. 3500 but if you come in and grab any of these shoes, then you will be in luck since you will be buying some real quality shoes, that are among some of the cheap and affordable shoes in Nairobi.


We are among the top 10 places to shop online for the professional lady in Kenya, so don’t waste much time come in and get some of the incredible shoe offers that we have. We are always updating our shoe collections almost weekly. So come back and grab quality cheap and affordable shoes in Nairobi.

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