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Absolutely Cheap and Affordable Shoes Available in Nairobi Today – Shoeholicplanet Most Affordable

Getting and finding just the right cheap and affordable shoe in Nairobi is usually a daunting task especially when you are working with a tight budget. Everyone works with budgets and when it comes to shoe lovers they are usually up in arms and ready to buy any top shoe that will make them standout. […]

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Top places to buy shoes online

The Top 10 Places To Shop Online For The Professional Lady In Kenya

Working in Nairobi sometimes is a real hustle to many corporate ladies .Getting time just to add a new pair of shoe to your collection can be a real hustle sometimes. But hey we understand the sacrifice you are making and that is why we always want you to be ahead and be informed of […]

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Top 5 Shoes That Will Definitely Make Kenyan Women Standout in Any Event

Don’t you just wake up one morning and think you want a change? I wake up every morning and feel I want to change something. It starts with simple things. Shoes, accessories, behaviour and that is throughout the year regardless of the month. What I want to talk about now are shoes that can totally change […]

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