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7 Feet Issues That Any Woman Should Know

                  The human feet contain another important load of anatomy which should be taken seriously lest the feet problems accompanying them hence uncomfortable living. The human feet anatomy contains 42 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints and at least 50 ligaments and tendons made up of strong fibrous tissues to keep all the moving parts together, in addition of numerous sweat glands. The foot with its conjoined parts including toes, the heel and ball work together daily to get you from place to place. This stress of carrying you around from one place to another places the feet at high risk of injury and other foot problems such as: blisters, ingrown toenails, toenail fungus, athlete’s foot and other simple wear and tear can occur if there is minimal attention to foot problems.

               1. Athlete’s Foot

                   Moist, dark and warm areas between the toes are majorly affected by the fungus, hence can inflame the areas skin and cause a white, scaly rash. In addition, they cause itching, peeling and a slight uncomfortable odor. By simply keeping your feet clean and dry and by wearing clean attire- socks and shoes frequently. Secondary treatment by usage of anti-fungal creams can still be used to treat athlete’s foot.

            2. Hammertoes

                   This condition is where the second, third and fourth toe is crossed and bent, pointing at an odd angle, thus the name hammertoe. Ill-fitting shoes mainly cause this condition, but no more will they affect the feet structure since wearing foot pads helps reposition them and later on becomes fixed.

          3. Blisters

                    As earlier seen, unfitting shoes cause hammertoes, thus if your shoes fit well, you will avoid blisters. Walking is simpler as you would have avoided the raised skin filled with clear fluid and often painful, hence making walking difficult. Precisely cleaning the area, and using a sterilized needle to open it draining the blister is advised. Finally, apply an antibiotic ointment and cover with a bandage. Simply primarily avoid blisters!

           4. Bunions

                   Defined as crooked big-toe joint that sticks out at the base of the toe, forcing the big toe to turn in, bunions have a variety of causes including, arthritis, trauma, deformities and surprisingly heredity. Too narrow shoes are mainly to blame for bunion formation and it is often advisable to always fit the right shoe size for your feet’s sake. Surgery may be recommended to treat bunions; but before it culminates to this stage, it is avoidable as advised above.

           5.  Gout

                  This is a type of arthritis caused by formation of uric acid in joint tissues and joint fluid. The big toe joint is one of the first places affected since the toes are the body’s coolest parts and due to temperature changes, uric acid crystallizes. Gout is often brought about by when the toe becomes warm, red and swells, hence more painful. Firstly, it is therefore prevented by identifying causes such as avoiding red meat consumption, seafood and alcohol. Hence, keep hydrated and staying in bed helps and if the gout attack has already progressed; applying ice are just the right approaches to cure.

           6.  Ingrown Toenails

                   Shoe pressure, fungus infections and poor feet structure cause ingrown toenails. The right way to clip toenails is key to feet health, hence using larger toenail clippers to avoid cutting nails too short is advised as this causes ingrown toenails in addition to infection.

          7. Toenail Fungus

                  This changes the nail’s color and may spread to other nails, hence even affecting fingernails giving nails unattractive and deformed fingernails.it may be tedious to prevent toenail fungus especially walking through wet areas where people tend to go barefoot like swimming pools, locker rooms and even bathrooms. People with chronic conditions may choose to keep their shoes on, to avoid toenail fungus.


                 In a nutshell, feet will always require good health care daily to prevent the avoidable. Thus, wearing the right shoe size, and maintaining general proper hygiene will enhance avoiding the unpredictable feet odor hence gaining confidence when taking your shoes off. Get to know your right feet size to avoid wearing smaller unfitting shoes, thus deforming your feet. Unavoidable circumstances such as hereditary feet conditions can also be prevented through proper feet care often. At Shoeholicplanet, we specifically advise our buyers and the community at large on such conditions and help in preventing them thus avoiding culminating into chronic conditions such as arthritis. Simply be your own master of foot health care!

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