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10 Extremely Bizarre Facts about the History of Shoes

Just the other day while doing my round check online, going through some of the interesting facts on the internet. I stumbled upon some history facts about shoes which were so good not to share with you shoe addicts. So keep on scrolling till number 10 and have a read on this great trivia about the history of shoes. Actually, number 6 will actually surprise you.

  1. Widespread Use of Sturdy Shoes

Sturdy shoes are said to have bubbled into widespread use between 40000 and 26000 years ago. Anthropologist Erik Trinkaus, discovered that the humans’ toe became weaker during this time in age. Rugged shoes having being invented had been discovered to have caused weakness and inflexibility of toes to grip and hold balance.

  1. There Were No Left – and Right-Footed Shoes

Did you know that shoes all over the world were identical through the ages until the 18th century? This is an amazing fact that came into modern existence and during this time, the first left- and right-footed shoes were invented in Philadelphia, USA.

  1. Egypt’s Hand Tools Made Many Shoes

Till 1850, practically all shoes were made by Egypt’s hand tools. These same tools were used by Egyptians as early as the 14th Century B.C. as part of equipment for sandal making. After the 14th century, the shoe makers added a few simple tools such as pincers, the hammer, lapstone and a variety of rubbing sticks for finishing edges and heels.

  1. High-Heel Law In 18th Century

During this time, a legislation was passed that allowed cities to construct pavements in their paths and walkways. This move allowed the shoe industry to design fairly practical shoes which had higher heels that could be comfortably worn by women walking on the streets.

  1. Neil Armstrong

Did you know his boots are still floating in space? The same that he used during his maiden visit to the moon. Scientists advised him to dispose them saying they might have been contaminated while walking on the moon.

  1. Dangerous Heeled Shoes

During the 17th century, six-inch – high heeled shoes were made. These shoes brought numerous calamities to their owners’. Owing to their heel length many women could trip and end up falling. Affluent women, could employ two servants to hold them on either side just to maintain balance.

  1. Absurd Shoe Lengths

In 1463, during the reign of Richard II., there were some unreasonable lengths for shoe spikes. This absurd lengths led to the need of chains made of gold and silver to support the shoes which were worn. That same year, the English parliament having contemplated on the issue, passed an act forbidding the manufacture and wearing of shoes with spikes more than two inches tall.

  1. Women and Shoes

According to a United Kingdom magazine – Glamour, an average woman can own up to 469 pairs of shoes in her lifetime.

  1. Fun Facts You May Not Know

Did you know that it’s illegal to walk down a street with your shoelaces untied in Maine, the northeastern most U.S. state? In addition, women are intensively forbidden from wearing leather shoes in public having being an exclusive right patently passed by the Ohio state government. Elsewhere in North Dakota, it is against the law to lie down and sleep while your shoes are still on.

  1. Symbolism and Superstition of Shoes

In the middle ages a father passed his authority over the bride and honored the groom by handing his daughter, to the husband during a shoe ceremony. On the wedding day, the groom hands the shoes over to his bride which she wears symbolizing her as a subject to her wedded husband.

Which shoe fun fact got to surprise you the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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